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My image on Regarding Us: Creating Art Through Community Engagement

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KCET Artbound - Regarding Us








  1. Kathleen Matyas Walter


  2. Megan McBride
    Megan McBride 1 year ago Reply

    Congrats! That’s awesome! Good job Douglas Paul Wade!

  3. Craig Gorum
    Craig Gorum 1 year ago Reply

    Congrats, great photo.

  4. Kristina Jacob
    Kristina Jacob 1 year ago Reply


  5. Erin McGuire
    Erin McGuire 1 year ago Reply

    Thats awesome!!! One of my favorites of yours.

  6. Karen Wade
    Karen Wade 1 year ago Reply

    Awesome! I love how you are the header photo as well in the PDFs Great job brother dear

  7. Rick Smith
    Rick Smith 1 year ago Reply

    Congratulations Douglas….awesome and well deserved

  8. Dan Holmes
    Dan Holmes 1 year ago Reply

    Most excellent!!

  9. Ulrica Perkins
    Ulrica Perkins 1 year ago Reply


  10. Shirley Rose Airov-Bieling


  11. Nan Carder
    Nan Carder 1 year ago Reply


  12. Hannah Wade
    Hannah Wade 1 year ago Reply

    wow! this is awesome.

  13. Sandi Lieder
    Sandi Lieder 1 year ago Reply

    Nice work Doug!

  14. Olga Wainer
    Olga Wainer 1 year ago Reply

    Congratulations! !!!

  15. Eric Martin
    Eric Martin 1 year ago Reply

    Congrats. Great to see your work recognized. And really good stuff from Robert Benitez getting excited about AV Arts.