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Social Media

Some love social media and some do not get it (so they tell me they hate it and find no use for it). I have a love-hate relationship with some social media. What I recently figured out, that Social Media companies are not really competing against each other, even though they want you to believe […]

Ashlee Arson

Ashlee Arson was published in Toxic Spit Spring Edition. Find it on magcloud. Ashley was the only model to get a two page spread, with the exception of the model on the cover.   

Ashlee Arson

A published article and images of Ashlee Arson in Fixe Magazine, where two of my images were used. See more of Ashlee Arson:  

Melodye Joy

I worked with Mike Carry who restored a Delorean to a replica of the “Back to Future” car. The model is Melodye Joy, who became a good friend, by us working together. This image was published in Giuseppina Magazine, Issue #13,

KCET article

KCET article – Regarding Us: Creating Art Through Community Engagement (image by Douglas Wade)

Antelope Valley Fair – Volunteer of the Year, 2015

Antelope Valley Fair – Volunteer of the Year, 2015

I was awarded the 2015 Volunteer of the Year award at the Antelope Valley Fair. Here are some of the announcements.

Lightroom Web and Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Web and Lightroom Mobile By Douglas Wade Lightroom on the web is the browser-based version of Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom Mobile connects to Lightroom on your desktop by syncing collections. This allows you to have a subset of your complete catalogue on your devices. Editing in Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom Web and Desktop are all non-destructive […]

Lightroom – Metadata

by Douglas Wade Since I have been doing the newsletter and the website, I’ve noticed how some of the photo submissions do not include important metadata. When I upload the images to the website, if the creator metadata is missing, the website gives me the photo credit. Thank you, I would love to take credit […]

Photography Basics – Antelope Valley Lifestyle Magazine

I was given a chance to submit an article to the Antelope Valley Lifestyle Magazine. The May 2016 issue is the focus on photography. The cover was from my friend since High School, Robert Breiner, the image’s location was my Antelope Valley event. Where we did 1940’s style pinup. The cover is his son, […]

Lightroom – Target Adjustment Tool

by Douglas Wade There is a little tool in Lightroom’s Develop Module that you may not have noticed before. It’s contained in many of the panels and called the Targeted Adjustment Tool. It is a simple little tool that basically samples an area of your image and will allow you to easily modify one or […]

My System

“My System” has been revised many times over the years to fit my lifestyle. I added and subtracted many productivity apps. Today, I need an app that works on the web, OSx, iOS, and Android operating systems. Today I am using Todoist for my list management. The tool is excellent, and ahead of anything else […]

Article – LR – Alt, Option Key

By Douglas Wade Lightroom and Photoshop have so much “packed into” their programs there is no plausible way to fit them in the menu setting. In Lightroom, I will showcase some of my favorite uses of the Alt key (PC) or Option key (Mac). I find using them a welcomed addition to my workflow. Cropping […]