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Jul 2017

How to Hold and Stabilize Your Camera

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Want Sharper Photos? One thing that photographers assume is that they know how to hold a camera correctly. While the techniques are simple, I will cover some tips to help you create sharper images. If your images lack sharpness, it could be from camera shake (movement) or the delay as the camera “does the calculations” […]


May 2017

Metering the Light

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Last month, I wrote a basic article on exposure or how the camera’s controls capture an exposure. Exposure is best with metered light. How does your camera see the light? How is it measured? Metering light is different from Focus. Metering the light is done to get the best exposure for the image. The best […]


Nov 2016

Article – LR – Judging Using Lightroom

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Camera Club Judging Using Lightroom By Douglas Wade I have been the chairperson for our local Antelope Valley Fair for the past 3-4 years and have been the one to secure 3 judges per year, from multiple sources, to judge ~2000 photographs with over 1500 prints and close to 450 digital images, which are displayed […]


Aug 2016

Lancaster Photography Association’s Newsletter

In Blog Graphic Design By douglaspaulwade

I started doing the Lancaster Photography Association’s Newsletter called the Desert Exposure starting in September 2014. Each month, I do the graphic design in InDesign and write an article. Click on the cover to download the newsletter and read the articles. I featured one of my images only on the cover of March 2015. May […]